Over the last few months, many people have raised with me the concerns regarding crime in our area, and I have attended several  community meetings, organised by concerned residents, about ongoing security issues. Last weekend, the Sunshine Coast Daily and the Courier Mail reported also that juvenile crime is on the rise in Aura.

While land has been set aside for the State Government to house additional emergency services, including police, we need these facilities now.

I am committed to working with the State Government on your behalf, to speed up the delivery of these services.

  • Within a month of being elected I would seek to convene a meeting with Stockland, Queensland Police, our State MP and active community leaders to talk about solutions and what Council can do to help.
  • I would then develop an action plan of  what I can do as your local government representative, keeping you well informed throughout the process.

I would also push for  Council to revise their safety and security policies,  including the installation and use of CCTV. We need effective and efficient solutions as our communities continue to grow.

I  encourage you to continue to report suspicious behaviour,  so we can gain a greater understanding of what is happening in our streets so governments at all levels, can provide the services we need to keep us, our families and properties safe and secure.  By working together,  Aura will  continue to be a wonderful  community for all our families.

However, tackling crime is not  as simple as  more police or increased patrols, though it clearly helps. As a local mother of four school age children, I’m particularly passionate about strengthening employment opportunities for the young people in our region. 

It’s important to tackle crime proactively, but it’s also important to provide opportunities for our young people. We want people to have opportunities to contribute rather than take from our community. 

We are in this together, and I’m committed to advocating for you. #makeyourvotecount #jennyfor2020 #yourcommunityvoice