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“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”



listening to locals

Jenny is passionate about community and believes that authentic representation requires someone who understands, actively listens, genuinely engages and effectively communicates with the people within our region – in order to serve your community, you need to be actively involved in it!

There is no time for complacency, and our region deserves a common sense Council with fresh, relevant, selfless and determined representation – one that is transparent, authentic and available.

Serving with integrity, humility & common sense






local matters

Community Connections

proactive, thoughtful planning & protecting our Environment

  • Work with our community to protect and maintain the natural beauty and landscape of our region.
  • Maintain balance for sustainable future growth, while protecting our culture, heritage and environment, forging a sustainable future together.
  • Fight for continued progress on infrastructure that increases connectivity between the coast and hinterland, as well as the connection between our hinterland towns, specifically in relation to bike paths. 
  • Continue to the fight for resolution of an effective and efficient transit system throughout the entire Sunshine Coast – congestion needs solutions now.
  • Recognise the need for various options for accommodation. Housing availability and affordability have become a significant issue within our community as a result of the rising cost of living. Understanding and the new upcoming Planning Scheme will is essential.

CONNECTING Community & Supporting Families

  • Increase our sense of belonging through promotion of good health and mental wellbeing, and the importance of community connection.
  • As families and businesses deal with the consistent (and often crippling) increase in the cost of living, it is essential for our Councillors to commnunicate with our residents, the resources that are available to them to help ease the burden.
  • Advocating for and supporting our wonderful community volunteers.
  • Work collaboratively with community and sporting groups to find solutions to ‘Volunteer Burnout’, and effective ways to implement succession planning. We need our volunteers, and they need our support!
  • Work with all stakeholders necessary to fight for greater safety and security measures within our communities.
  • Provide opportunities for our young people to get involved in their communities, fostering a sense of pride.
  • It is essential that all levels of government work together to achieve the best outcomes for the community. Work with both State and Federal representatives, seeking to coordinate combined ‘listening posts’ within the electorates.

Supporting Local Business

  • Advocating for our business owners and their employees, and their continuing good health and mental wellbeing.
  • Supporting our Local Business Groups as they continue to support and advocate on behalf of our Businesses.
  • Effectively communicate options and support available for our businesses. 
  • Assisting businesses to adapt to changing needs and technologies; to assist in building resilient business communities.
  • Encourage further recognition for our local produce and Agribusiness. Our local products, combined with our incredible natural resources and landscapes, place us in a unique position of being able to increase agribusiness and agri-tourism, with a sustainable and balanced approach, benefiting our entire region.


  • Remaining focused on representing our community and what’s important to them.
  • Road safety, walking / cycling paths.
  • Effective communication and how to work with Council officers effectively & get action from your reporting.
  • Communication and education on where our rates go.
  • Discuss solutions for forestry dumping and consistent rubbish fees.

An accountable, transparent council

  • We need Councillors who will be transparent, accountable and communicate effectively.
  • Effective communcation with our Community so you are aware of when you need to have your say, and the impact that may have. 

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    Date: Saturday 16th March 2024

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