So many times throughout this election campaign, I have heard the phrase, “There must be an election coming up…”
Generally, this is referring to both new Candidates standing up, and some incumbent Councillors becoming more visible, having had less contact with residents until there is an election looming.
Last week I shared some thoughts with you about the expected conduct of Councillors. One of those points highlighted the essential requirement for Councillors to “represent and meaningfully engage with the community”.

Meaningful engagement is necessary in order to effectively represent our regions’ residents. It is not something that should only happen for the first and last 6 months of the elected term. How can you effectively represent if you are seemingly not present, involved or engaged? How can you possibly know the thoughts of the residents on particular topics if you don’t connect and engage with them?

As your Division 1 Candidate, my commitment to our Community is to be consistently involved, engaged and available, for the whole term and beyond..

#makeyourvotecount #jennyfor2020