IWD 2020

Happy International Women’s Day!
What a great day to be celebrating Women and their achievements all around the world.
Today I just want to thank all of the brave, strong women who have gone before us, paving the way toward the opportunities that exist for us today.
The mere fact that I am sitting here as a female candidate is contributory to the strength of those who have campaigned to have our voices heard.
We are grateful in Australia for the all the opportunity that lies before us, and we should be proud of all we have achieved so far.
Women are a very unique breed – capable of strong leadership yet have the capacity for an empathetic ear.
I am blessed to be surrounded by talented, beautiful and strong women, who continue to be my source of encouragement and growth. Thank you.
Thank you to QCWA Beerwah for hosting our International Women’s Morning Tea this morning, and allowing me to speak to such a great group of women!
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