As I reflect on 2019, I am thankful for the opportunities to engage with so many incredibly talented and selfless people throughout our community’s business and social groups. I have been encouraged by what has been achieved and inspired to contribute further. Twelve months ago, I simply could not imagine the profound impact they would have on both my personal and professional life. I always leave the gatherings energised and inspired by our conversations, and feel an increased sense of confidence to not only advocate for our community on the Council, but also empowered to become a better wife, mother, businesswoman, and community member.

Whatever happens in the 2020 election, I know that my connections with these wonderful groups will be ongoing. Thank you all for opening your doors and your hearts to me this year. As we look towards the Christmas break and a new year, I encourage you all to explore the many groups in our community that exist to support you and others.
I invite you to join me in the recently created Sunshine Community Groups Directory Group on Facebook. Together we can build a library of the many wonderful groups and events in our community, in the hope that it will help more of us connect in 2020.
Jenny Broderick  | Division 1 Candidate | Sunshine Coast Council