Glasshouse Country & Maleny News 18/09/2019

The decision to run for Division 1 at the next Sunshine Coast Council election has been one that Glass House local Jenny Broderick has thought long and hard about.
“My business experience, volunteering in community events and co-parenting four school¬≠ aged children has enabled me to see ways in which our community representation can be vastly improved,” Jenny said.
“I know many local people see and feel the same way.”
Jenny moved to Glass House 17 years ago with husband Mark, together establishing their nationally successful business Hillside Tractors Australia (formerly Glasshouse Tractors) and have recently established Vegetation Management Equipment as an extension of the business.
“I’m an enthusiastic, hard-working people person with business acumen, commonsense and passion for serving the community,” Jenny said.
“I hold a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Master of Business Administration and have significant experience in negotiation, administration, account-keeping and marketing.”
Jenny is also a tireless community worker. “My strong ties to the local community have also been forged through volunteering with many local groups and events including Glasshouse Country Carols, Beerwah’s Got Talent at the Charity Sports Days and our Beerwah street parties, Anzac Day and the music department at Glasshouse Christian College. “I have been music director at the Glasshouse Country Baptist Church for over ten years and have recently been elected to the Glasshouse Chamber of Commerce executive, where I am looking forward to working with them to promote and support our local businesses.
“Local people are the lifeblood of our community. We work hard, we volunteer, we support and work in small businesses.
“We will thrive if we fix what needs fixing, and strengthen what works well. “I want to drive and promote opportunities that enable us to do that !better, together.” Jenny is committed to strengthening community sense of belonging.”I am dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our children, providing pathways for strong job prospects as they grow and providing ways to access the services we require. “I would consider it a privilege to represent Division 1 and will do so with integrity and humility.”